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…”She’s beautiful and very elegant. English is quite good, sexy. When she showed up at my hotel room, she looked very sophisticated and apart from her beauty, did not draw unnecessary attention”… ​​​

“…Overall, my best session ever in Prague, and one of my best all time, worldwide. Well worth the time needed to communicate beforehand and build a rapport, because by the time our date arrived I wanted to savage her in the hallway of my building! Very sexy, and I will repeat, again and again…”

“…Just from reading the website it can be easily seen that you are dealing with a true independent girl, with strong empathy and an education and culture well beyond the average university-level to go along with it. Privacy is one of her utmost concern…”

“…she was the only girl that was pre-planned well before my vacation. The contact was nice and you can tell from the way she writes that she is genuine and a pleaser. After we met and went to my hotel room, we sat on the bed and had a quick chat…”