My private companionship is available to single gentlemen.

It is possible to meet me in Prague or invite me anywhere in the world, joining you on your business travels, vacation or simple You & I getaway anywhere you dream of. 

Prague with Louise

Prague is my home base, I am acquainted with the city deeply & feel very safe here, therefore there is no strict screening & deposit needed. 

Joyfully I meet with you at your hotel (4* or 5*) or in an Airbnb rented flat. There are also several “hourly” hotels – should none of the above suit you. Kindly note, in case we have not met previously, I will not walk up directly to Your room, mostly it is not possible anyway. We may meet at lobby, in front of the hotel or at a nearby coffee place. Should You be travelling with your colleagues and be worried about your discretion, upon checkin get yourself 2 key cards. 

Donation for Prague is all inclusive, no extra costs involved. Minimum meeting time is 2 hours. Usually the priority is given to longer engagements & old friends. 


up to 2 hours – € 280 – 7.000 CZK 

up to 4 hours – € 450  – 11.000 CZK

up to 6 hours – € 600  – 15.000 CZK

overnight – € 1.000 – 25.000 CZK

24 hours – € 1.600 – 41.000 CZK

48 hours – € 2.400 – 62.000 CZK

Our International Adventure


Safety is the key. Mine & Yours, thus screening is inevitable for Fly me to You/Travel with You. We have several options on how to proceed, in case You are not familiar with the screening process, kindly contact me for more information. 

Screening does not include: ethnicity, age, ability or weight.


To confirm our arrangement 50% deposit is required. In case you cancel our meeting more than 24 hours in advance, I deduct the travel costs & keep the rest of the deposit for our next meeting, which have to be made maximum 3 months after Your cancellation. In case you cancel the meeting less than 24 hours in advance, the amount is non-refundable.
The rest of the amount of the meeting donation is given in cash at the beginning of the meeting in an open envelope. 


Donation already includes return airplane ticket which I will book by myself. 





up to 8 hour daytime – € 1.500

up to 16 hours – € 2.100

up to 24 hours – €  2.500

up to 48 hours – €  3.500

6 days of a romantic getaway – € 5.500 



 minimum 3 days – € 4.500 

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) You mostly wish to have the answers for. 


Are you really an independent provider? I am, I may reassure You that, having been employed in the past made me realise being an independent entrepreneur is the way I wish to live.

Will you send me photos of Your face?  No, to make sure my broader family is protected, I run several social media profiles & You shall get a pretty good idea who is going to come to our date together. If the chemistry is not there once we meet, You may politely tell me, same as I have the right to do so. 

Are your photos recent and genuine? Yes + I prefer selfies and no/limited photoshop.

What languages do you speak? English, Czech, my German is almost forgotten

What services do you offer?  Those that I honestly like and enjoy – romantic girlfriend experienced spiced up with a bit of kinkiness might be the best description & kissing is my weak spot – I love it.

Would you visit me at home? In Prague: Yes & airbnb is fine too. Worldwide I stay only at 4 or 5 star hotels.

How about the dungeon visit? Why not, I am an openminded person.

Do you enjoy party bookings? If meant in a way of using drugs – then no, I don’t ‘party’.

Can I film/take photos of you?  Not for your own use by your camera, you may take a few photos on my phone and I will send you those afterwards.

What is your attitude towards tobacco, alcohol and drugs?  I am a tolerant non-smoker.  Alcohol is not necessary for me to feel relaxed with you, on the other hand I would never say no to Champagne or quality dry Prosecco. No drugs, if you have a viagra you need to use, I am of course OK with that. 

What is your preferred method of contact? Definitely email/my contact form – I pick up the phone only if we agree the time to talk together.

How much notice do you require?  My schedule fills up sometimes rather quickly, sooner the better I may advise you then.

Can I contact you at short notice? You may always try for a meeting in Prague. Traveling wise – I am a dog owner & need to arrange dog-sitting, which might not always be that easy for a very last moment request. Unless You wish me to travel with my dog (small handbag friendly non barking breed & holder of Pet European Passport).

Is a deposit required? In case I leave Prague – yes, deposit would be required.

Which currencies would you be happy with?  CZK is preferred, yet I accept most of the general currencies –  EUR/USD/GBP

When do I hand you the donation? Unsealed envelope on the table is fine + it is easier to sort formalities in the beginning of our meeting. 

Do you lower prices?  Does Your barber lower the prices especially for you? 🙂

I am P411 verified provider – You may see my profile here.

Also I do run a social media profile on twitter for you to get a deeper idea on who am I.

Not sure if I may get even more real than that in this field.

Should You wish to read or write me a review, the preferred site would be TER click here –  keeping the review clean & tasteful would be highly appreciated.

Kindly note, my encounter portfolio is reasonably broad and rather rendezvous specific = every session is based on our personal chemistry & no date is the same.

Respect; not only towards me, also to our agreed time, attitude, good personal hygiene.

You shall be 18yo+.

I screen by the initial communication we have, judging Your attitude & respectful behaviour.

I am NOT discriminating by the ethnicity, nationality, age or even Your weight. 

​Men I meet are: mature; smart; sensual; kinky; dominant & sometimes submissive too

Adrenalin of meeting & pleasing mostly an unknown person kind of turns me on & I enjoy meeting new people & enjoy making them happy

I do also love my freedom of not being employed anymore, companionship is truly a blessing I am thankful for. 

Of course it has its downside as well, like this lifestyle still not being accepted by the general society or even worse, being an illegal service in some parts of the world. 

Yes; with physically disabled, as long as you have the ability to conduct certain activities on Your own – e.g. move yourself from the wheelchair to bed, or unless Your assistant is somewhere near by. I have no official training in assisting handicapped clients and do not want You or me to get hurt. 

I will not meet with mentally handicapped clients.

Honest Guide Prague – Czech internet TV called Stream supports tourism in Prague via videos full of interesting tips & tricks. Click here.

Local Michelin Restaurants

My Favourite Prague Hotels: Dancing House Hotel, Augustine, Boscolo, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Hilton at Pobrezni street

My favourite restaurants: Alcron, Sansho, Cafe Imperial, Les Moules